Our team at AGE Sports consists of professionals with years of experience dealing with financial, legal, brand management and public relations matters of the sport world, for both professional players and clubs


Building relationships is at the heart of what we do and strive for at AGE Sports. Effective, clear and strategic communications are vital for success on and off the hall or field.

Our experienced team of consultants not only look after player contract negotiations but acts as the players’ voice to the sport clubs. We support our players every step of their professional career by giving them the necessary advice through any business negotiations and choices they face.

Our range of communications services includes press and media releases to public relations and marketing.


Our team consists of some of the best legal consultants in the sport world. We manage and take care of all your intellectual property and image rights, contracts and sponsorship agreements.

We provide and offer any legal assistance and support which you may need in your career. We’ll take care of all your legal obligations and commitments so that you can focus on your performance on the field.


Every player is unique and we treat every player like an individual brand. Our expert team handles dealing with your image rights, sponsors and brand associations.

Our media team handles all of your PR responsibilities, along with managing all of your social media accounts. We manage your image and brand.

AGE Sports manages all of your financial commitments and obligations you have as a professional player. We also make sure that your money and assets get managed the correct way so that when you retire from the beautiful game, you can have financial freedom and live comfortably.